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Training Division

The training division is responsible for all divisions in the department. Each division has a training coordinator that works with the General Department Instructor. This insures that all required training is completed. The training division sets up In-services, special schools, Firearms training, Freeze + P certification, ASP certification and First Aid & CPR certifications.

Certified Officer's Training

A Certified Police Officer is defined as any person commissioned, sworn, appointed, and/or otherwise lawfully enjoined to uphold the laws of the State of Tennessee, and/or laws or ordinances of any municipality or political subdivision of the State of Tennessee; and who is employed by any municipality or political subdivision of the State of Tennessee and whose primary responsibility is (whether directly or as an experienced, certified, supervisor/administrator of such persons), the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension of offenders, and specifically assigned duties and /or job description reflect said primary responsibility for the prevention and detection of crime.


Patrol has a (16) sixteen week Field Training Program, the recruit rotates every (3) three weeks to another training officer on a different shift for (15) fifteen weeks, The 16th week is final evaluation week, the recruit is placed with a training officer on the shift they are going to be assigned to. The recruits will do everything and the training officer only observes and evaluates. Patrol also has a lateral program for officer’s that have experience, it’s a (10) ten week program; they rotate every three weeks to another shift and a final week evaluation on the shift they are going to be assigned to. Sometime during the recruits training, he/she will be sent to the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in Donelson Tn. The academy is (10) ten weeks, they report on Sunday afternoon; they stay all week and are dismissed on Friday afternoon’s to go home on the weekends. To visit the Academy’s website go to Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance, then click on Law Enforcement Training.

Court Security

Court Security is under the same training as patrol, except they are required to attend a Court Security School within a year of being place in that position and they are required to have additional (16) sixteen hours of training during the annual training.

School Resources Officers

School Resource Officer’s have a (2) two week training program; the new recruits are evaluated both weeks and then are assigned to his school. The first year the recruit is required to attend the Basic SRO School.


Detectives have a (10) ten week training program; the new recruit are evaluated all ten weeks and then released to his regular schedule.

Fugitive Warrants

Fugitive Warrants has a (6) six week training program, the new recruit are evaluated all six weeks and then they are released to their assigned duties.

Annual Training

All certified officers are required to have (40) forty hours of training each year under the provision TCA: 38-8-111. There are mandatory training hours that have to be completed 1 hour of Child Sex Abuse, 2 hours of Emergency Vehicle Operations and 8 hours of Firearms Training.

NON CERTIFIED OFFICERS is an officer that has not attended the academy.


Communications have a (20) twenty week training program where the recruit is assigned to a Field Training Officer. The recruit rotates every (3) three to (4) four weeks with a Field Training Officer; the last week is a final evaluation week. The recruit are required to have the following training within the first six month of hire; Telephone Communications for the deaf and hearing impaired, Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, National Crime Information Center ( recertified required every (2) two years, National Incident Management System (IS-700 0r IS 700a).

Criminal Warrants

Criminal Warrants has a (8) eight week training program, the training consist of data entry of all records and forms, warrant and court procedures. TIBRS/Incident Report certification is a state certification through (TBI) Tennessee Bureau of Investigations of (40) forty hours each year. (RAC) Reporting Agency Coordinator and assistant RAC are required and additional (16) sixteen hours of training each year with TBI.


The Detention Officer’s are certified under Tennessee Correction Institute (TCI). The Detention’s training program is (10) ten weeks of training which consist of; (4) four weeks of classroom training. The officer’s are certified on Freeze +P, First Aid/CPR, Defensive Tactics,  and numerous more subjects
The other (4) four weeks are training with a Field Training Officer they are evaluated these four weeks. The last two weeks consist of a Final Evaluation, the Field Training Officer will observe and if the recruit passes the two weeks, they are placed on their assigned shifts. The recruits are required to attend a (40) forty hour (TCI) Tennessee Correction Institute School.

Annual Training

The detention officer’s are required to have (40) forty hours of training each year. The training is done in house except (16) sixteen hours which must be taught by (TCI) Tennessee Correction Institute.