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Rutherford County
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940 New Salem Highway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 898-7720

Fugitive Squad

The Fugitive Squad was organized in 2008. It is a specialized 2 man unit utilized to track down and arrest major felons and absconders. The team is tasked with tracking down suspects involving more serious crimes, or those who have been on the run for some time. The unit may also be utilized in locating persons of interest in a criminal investigation. The team uses networking with other agencies both State and Federal, as well as other resources to accomplish its mission. The unit researches mainly older felony warrants and recent felony warrants and uses many different resources to investigate and locate fugitives, and bring them to justice. Through thorough investigation, tracking, safe and efficient planning and execution, serious felons are taken off the street.

The Fugitive Squad has been a part of Operation Falcon for the past several years. Each member has been lead men for the US Marshals during these stings. Their efforts for the year 2008 have apprehended 225 people and cleared 492 warrants. In Rutherford County alone 81 subjects were arrested.

If you would like to inform the Fugitive Squad of the whereabouts of a person wanted please contact Jack Keisling or Randy Morrow at (615) 904-3030.
Please leave a voice mail and they will get back with you or please fill out a tip sheet.