Explorer Post 106

Now recruiting ages 14-20


Work with deputies


Law Enforcement Training



Community Service


Meetings held every Thursday, 5:30PM - 7:30PM

About Exploring

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 106 has been around for well over a decade. They participate in exciting real life scenarios and work with actual officers in the field and classroom exercises. In addition, the Explorers attend yearly competitions where they compete with other Explorer posts throughout the nation for recognition and awards. All of their work and training prepares them for their future in Law Enforcement, and allows them to be eligible for scholarships. As they learn and become more familiar with the field of law enforcement, they may wish to begin the application process for a position with a law enforcement agency. Several former Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Explorer post graduates have gone on to further their career in law enforcements agencies across the state of Tennessee.


Traffic Stops
Building Searches
Vechicle Searches, Drugs, Etc.
Traffic Enforcement
Laws - Traffic, Criminal, & Juv.
Defensive Tactics,br/> Report Writing
Radio Communications
Detention Training
Crime in Progress
Community Policing
Domestic Violence
CPR/First Aid
Homicide Investigation
Traffic Accident Investigation
Emergency Vehicle Operations
DUI Road Blocks

How to Join

1. Admission into the post must be initiated by application. Apply Online!
2. Applications must be a minimum of 14 years old, but not over 20.
3. Applications will be reviewed by the records division.
4. Applicants must have the desire and time to perform duties.
5. All applicants are given equal consideration.
6. Applications are placed on a probationary period of 3-6 months.
7. A "C" average must be maintained in school.

Contact Info

Deputy Andy Pugh