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Rutherford County
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Community Services Unit

Neighborhood Watch signRutherford County Sheriff's Office Community Services Unit promotes public awareness for the Sheriff's Office. One of the programs of this unit is the Sheriff's Citizens' Academy which offers civilians an insider's view of how the Sheriff's Office works. The Community Services Unit also heads up the Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs, which help citizens and business owners unite to prevent crime. Other proactive programs include Law Enforcement Explorer Post #106, child fingerprinting and many other special projects.

For more information about any of our programs please contact:

Sergeant Jimmy Cassidy
(615) 904-3019


Tour of Sheriff’s Office

Throughout the year a number of tours are given of the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, a tour may consist of a church, civil or school group. There is an age requirement, so please contact the Community Service Unit to set-up your group tour.

Safety Pup

Safety Pup {costume} is used mostly at the daycare level to establish a closer relationship with children. Safety Pup talks with children about stranger danger and gun safety. So when we see a gun we should “Stop, Don’t touch, Leave the area, Tell an Adult. So please contact the Sheriff’s Office to have Safety Pup leave his dog house at the Sheriff’s Office and visit your Daycare.

Child I.D.

Child I.D. is a program the Community Service Unit promotes in an effort to ensue the safety of children. Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office regularly participate in community events and fingerprint children for identification pruposes.

Contrary to popular opinion, the sheriff’s office does not keep a record of there prints, instead we provide them to the parents.  This information can be used in the event the child is abducted or missing at some point in the future. Parents are then encouraged to store the card in a safe location for future reference if needed.

Most Wanted

As a citizen of our county you will find the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office “Most Wanted” page printed in the Murfreesboro Post Newspaper on each Sunday of the month. The Most Wanted page highlights men and women that have an active warrant on file at the Sheriff’s Office. You may call the Community Service Unit if you have information on any person in the Most Wanted.

Project Child Safe®

Project Child Safe® is the nation’s largest firearm safety education program. The program reminds gun owners to properly secure firearms in the home, practice safe firearms storage options in the home and to make sure that firearms in the home are not casually accessible to anyone, especiallya child. The program provides safety kits that include a cagle style gun locking device, lock installment instruction, and a safety booklet.
Visit the Project Child Safe® website ( for more information. To receive a gun safety kit, contact the Community Service Unit at (615) 904-3033.

Sheriff’s Citizen Academy

The Sheriff’s Citizen Academy provides an opportunity for citizens to learn first hand about the operations of the Sheriff’s Office through a series of lectures, field trips and simulated activities. You the citizen will meet for three hours one night a week for fourteen weeks. At the end of the academy a graduation ceremony will take place. We look forward to seeing you in our next class.

Sheriff’s Citizen Academy Alumni

After graduation from the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy, you may elect to join the Alumni. The Alumni holds meetings each month at the Sheriff’s Office with guest speakers. The Alumni was organized to support the employees of the Sheriff’s Office. The Alumni hosts a number of events for the employees and provides food during the holiday season. See you next class.

Bike Unit

With the population growth that we are experiencing it is extremely important to look for ways to better serve our citizens.  With more people come more houses, subdivisions and traffic. One popular way to deal with these issues is starting up bike patrols.  We have a five man team that is assigned to the bike unit as an additional duty position. All of them have primary jobs within the Sheriff’s Office such as patrol, investigations or they can be assigned to other divisions.

The use of bicycles for patrol provides many benefits to the citizens of the county. Since doors and windows do not surround them, deputies on bicycles are more approachable than those in cars. This promotes greater citizen involvement in law enforcement which is major tenet of community oriented policing. In many situations bicycle mounted deputies can respond quicker and more efficiently than those on foot or even in a car. Often bicycle deputies are able to patrol where cars cannot go and where foot patrol would be impractical because of time and distance constraints.

Another aspect of the Bike Unit is education. The deputies go out into the community and educate young people and adults about the need for bicycle helmets and fitting them properly. We also host bicycle rodeos where children learn basic rules of the road and participate in obstacle courses with their bicycles.