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Arson and Bomb Investigationsside of MFD truck

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department conducts investigations into fire and explosive incidents that are reported to the department.The Detective Division handles these incidents. When a fire or explosive incident is reported to the Sheriff's Department a deputy is sent to the scene. When the deputy arrives at the scene they will write a report for follow-up by the Detective Division or notify a Detective Supervisor and request a Detective respond to a scene. The Detective Supervisor will make a response decision based on facts given him by the on scene deputy and other emergency responders at the scene. Detectives who have received specialized training in fire and explosive investigation will handle the fire or explosive investigation. The Detectives assigned this duty conduct an investigation to determine if there has been a violation of the state law and bring charges against the persons who had committed the crime.

FirefightersSheriff's Detectives work closely with the Tennessee State Bomb and Arson Section and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab. The Sheriff's Department maintains a working relationship with the municipal agencies in our county that are charged with fire and explosive investigation. This relationship consists of exchange of information between agencies and assistance in working scenes and investigations.

The Sheriff's Department is responsible for fire and explosive investigation in the areas of the county not covered by municipal agencies. Fire protection for these areas is provided for by volunteer fire departments. The Sheriff's Detective assigned a fire or explosive case will be provided information by these departments. These departments also provide personnel and equipment if needed by the Detective.

Detective's who are assigned fire and explosive investigations are sent to schools for additional training in these types of investigations. As these cases may be used to cover-up another crime they also receive training in everything from burglary investigations to murder investigations. Deputies assigned to the Detective Division will work all types of crimes; however those assigned fire and explosive investigation will request this assignment and will carry a full case load of other investigations in addition to fire and explosive investigations.

Detective's who work fire and explosive investigation have an assignment that involves hard physical work and intensive follow-up investigation in an area of criminal investigation that is one of the most difficult in law enforcement. The dollar loss to fire in Rutherford County is huge. The families who lose their homes suffer a loss that can not be understood unless you have seen it. The Detectives who work fire and explosive investigation try to answer questions in these investigations for the families involved and bring to trial those who commit arson in this county.

Remember smoke detectors save lives!

Support your local volunteer fire departments. They are there when you need them!